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We need Farmer Housing.

The Hudson Valley is experiencing a housing crisis that affects all working people, with unique and profound impacts on small farms.  With workers unable to find housing, and farms unable to find and retain workers, small farms are downsizing, reducing productivity, or shuttering altogether. These extraordinary pressures, on top of the normal risks and challenges of farming, put the agricultural nature of our region in serious question. Will the Hudson Valley keep its farms and retain its rural character? Or will high pricing pressures continue to push farmers and farm workers out of the region or out of their vocation?

The answer will depend on whether or not we respond in time to establish dedicated, affordable farmer housing.

The Farmer Housing Working Group was convened to advocate for this critical need. On this website, you'll find the results of our efforts to date.  Read the results of our Farmer Housing Needs Survey, watch our recorded Community Learning Series Sessions, or explore our emerging support network—then get in touch to support our efforts!

About the Working Group

The Farmer Housing Working Group is a cohort of farm owners, managers, workers, and service providers, convened to take the next steps toward farmer housing solutions in the region.


Our current efforts include community education, data collection, and building a professional support network.


Our work is supported by a seed grant from Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (NESARE).


Use the form below, or email us at

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